oui, je veux

wedding bells

These are wedding rings of the pranilla collection

I made these rings for my cousin and his fiancée
I also made all the papergoods
(invitations, table numers, menu, etc..)

the rings are made of white gold with a little diamant for the girl.
there is a little inscription with their initials and the date of their marriage

They just came by to pick them up
and they love them!!

If you're marrying soon and you are looking for lovely, unique and personal rings and/or papergoods
one adress: info@pranilla.be


lovely treasures at home

this is an old cabinet I bought in a thriftshop
it was very cheap and I was so in love with it.
on top of is are two old milk cans I also bought at a thriftshop 
and a coil of pink wool


this is an old suitcase someone gave me.
I use is as a storage for my wool, lace and knitting primes

pastel love ♥


this basket is a new one ♥ 
I bought it last week at the fleemarket


this is a gift of Lizzy 
She is the creater of all this beautiful jewellery
I'm in love with her work.

I'm doing an internship with her,
and this was a little gift


handmade in Belgium presents ...

hello lovers, 

This summer Made In Belgium is having their first big market
I will be there, showing and selling for the first time
with lovely accessories, textiles, papergoods and little surprise pakkages

♥♥ Be there ♥♥

here is all the information you need

Saturday, 28th of August
Kunstencentrum België, Burgemeester Bollenstraat 54, 3500 Hasselt
13.00u - 23.00u

visite their website !!



i'm working on a new belt
and here am I with my tape measure around my neck.

I will update later when the belt is finished


morning shadow

hi there, 

it has been a while, but I was so busy.
I visited the 'kaskweek' 
it's an anual exhibition of my school (kask)
I saw this gorgeous reflection on the wall of the corridor
and I was in love with that white light.

My school used to be an old hospital, 
at the moment there are beautiful remainders of the old building,
the old windows with tinted glass, old doors and beautiful tile floors
when I'm alone there, I try to picture how it used to be so many years ago


dear diary

this is my first personalized notebook/diary

it's a moleskine notbook, but I made it a little special.
with a little crochet ribbon and a few words you can do it yourself

I'm going to make my own blank notebooks, and fine tune them myself.
an other item for my sweet little-a collection.

a cup of cherries

my first cherries of this year

when I was little, my grand-mother told me that 
you can make a wish each time you eat your first cherry of the year

and when I found two cherries together, I wore them as earrings

enjoy your first cherry, 
and enjoy your wishes!!


sweet writing-paper

this is my own designed writing-paper.
it's a new creation for my little-a collection 

this is the first design, there are also letters with a crown an with a bird ♥

a package contains 3 or 6 writing-papers and envelopes 


sushi love

It has been a long time, but I ordered sushi again.
I enjoyed it SO much, that I want more !!!
I'm so in love with this japanese delicacy


white love

I'm feeling very white today
the sun makes me smile. the wind makes me laugh and the clouds makes me wonder
I love the summer


home made felt

this is an other felt pouch
with a little red embroidered detail

it's not very big, but perfect for little somethings
hope you love it


crochet love

there are my new brooches
little crochet cups, sewed togheter
I'm in love with them ♥


little pranilla gifts

Hi there, 

today I made some gift boxes for the jewellery orders I got on my exposition 

i make them myself.

here's what you need to make a nice box of joy

I buy the boxes (at banier, a hobbyshop)
the little birds come from ava 
and the lace I bought on a flea market in Ghent city 
place it all together and you have a sweet home made gift box
have fun!


my first ♥

my first sweet little pouch
it's hand made. 
made of felt and crochet lace on the side.


my baby book ♥


here's a preview of my own notebook.
it's a do-notebook. 
a nice combination of sketch-book, a notebook.
there are also are little surprices inside.
somthing you have to discover
Tomorrow I will visit the paper shop to choose the kind of paper, the cover and the little things inside.

I'm looking forward to update!


Oh good morning

oh goodmorning sunshine 

2do this week

I made a planning with post-its on the back of my door.
I have lots to do, so on my way out, I'm always remembered 

I have the bad habbit to plan a lot of things and whether I forget them or I dubble book
So this post-it solution is perfect!
try it!


God, I miss the city

one day, I'll be there, for ever.

How can I ever get used to being without you

♥♥♥ mood of the day ♥♥♥

me and my pick-nick basket ♥

Now that the summer is back in town
we have to enjoy every tiny moment of it