ooh new york

Hello there,

I'm staying in New York for the moment,
For all my adventures, check my new blog..


Enjoy cookies,

with love,

Jacqueline & Compote

my dream is to start a little restaurant. 
nothing big, just something sweet.
with wonderful breakfasts, originals lunches 
and delicious cookies and cakes.

this is the interior that I have in mind is something like this.
a little bit 30ies - 70ies .
hardwood floors, a big table where everyone sits together, ...
very cosy and warm.
a girl can only dream ☁


paper goods with love

paper goods with love 

sweet notebooks

Delicious postcards 

 Set of tiny notebooks

tijd voor thee
little-a op facebook

a gift

I've got this gorgeous postcard from my dad. 
and the little charm.
I really love it!!

thanks dad!


pranilla on facebook

the pranilla collection on facebook.

christmas time

Ooh, I love Christmas!!
All the little things about it.
I love spending time with my mom, decorating the tree.
Looking for the perfect present.
All the little lights in the streets.

All the gifts under my tree.
really everything about it.

a friend of mine, gave me my tree.
It's a little one, and so cute!!

❄ ❆ ❄

where flowers die

I love tulips the most.
I wait each year for the tulips season,
and I buy a bouquet of white tulips for myself

These flowers will be the last ones I buy this year.
Now it's time for my christmas tree 


sometimes I just don't know what to say...


it rained all weekend,
so the only thing I could do was finish some work.
I made sure my room was warm 
and I made some delicious tea. 
the tea I bought in Paris ♥ 

to bring some sunshine in my home I went to the flower shop.
I bought these in my favorite color!

this image inspired me for my own work
I found it here

these days can be grey and dark,
but sometimes when te sun finds her way trough the clouds
it can bring some gorgeous reflections on my walls.

enjoy lovers,

today I'm a dreamer

despite the weather I went to a flea market this morning.
it was so cold that I couldn't feel my toes
but I found some gorgeous treasures and brought them home

now it's time for something warm


bundels voor morgen

Hello lovers,

this is something for all my dutch visitors♥

dit is voor al mijn Nederlandstalige bezoekers...
ik zit al een tijdje met een ideetje in mijn hoofd,
en ik vind dat het eens tijd is om er werk van te maken !!!

ik droom er al een hele tijd van om een verhalenbundel te maken
verhalen van verschillende mensen,
met elk een andere kijk op het alledaagse leven.
kort verhalen, gedichten, teksten, noem maar op.

zelf schrijf ik ook, zo nu en dan, 
maar het zou zo leuk zijn om samen met gelijk gezinden iets moois te creëren 
iets waardevols, iets met een mooie betekenis.
zin om hier aan mee te werken??
stuur een mailtje naar info@little-a.be
of post een leuke reactie.

veel schrijf plezier sweeties.


parts of my new home

these are some parts of my new home.
I know it has been a while, 
so here is the result of my moving days

one day my mother surprised me with
this old sewing machine 


sleep tight ☁

sleepover with one of my closest friends.
we ate cookies, drank some martini, coffee, 
and talked the whole night long.

I felt like a little girl again.


à petit bruit

Yes, I'm a little proud, 
this is the first time that my someone else posted a picture from me..
It's nice to know that other bloggers like my work
a friend of mine told me, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't even know.

thanks a lot

rocking horse

I bought these two funny necklaces a few weeks ago at Pull & Bear

something new

i bought this book at ikea.
it's a pretty book with lovely pictures.

I can't stop looking in it. I just love it!!