hello cookies.

here is the first little-a contest!!!
it's a photo contest, and the winning picture will be in the new postcard serie of little-a

it's very simple:
1. take a gorgeous picture
2. fill in the authorization forms 
3. send it back to me

if you want to participate send me your adress and I'll send your all the forms!!
the contest starts 01-septembre-2010

a little gift for my mommy ♥

today I bought a little present for my sweet mom
she loves to walk in the nature
and she loves B&B's 
so I bought a little book with sweet hotels, 
b&b's and special, rustic places in our own country

I love brown parcel paper!!
and with a funny pink touch it's a very personal wrapping


read me

my sweet little treasures at home
I collect old books,
it don't matter what they are about, 
I love the covers, I love the texture of the paper, the different colors.
the old font, the old words. the fact that someone else owned this book..

I have novels, cookbooks, religious books, 
in all kind of colors, size,...
I don't read them. someone else did that already.
I just enjoy them

this is an old cook book.
written by hand.
with recipes of someones grandmother

this one I sewed together, 
it was for a school project.

cookie love 2

I'm looking for a cute word, sentence, anything...
tell me what you would write with the cookies
(it's for a postcard, just like this other one -->  )

confetti love


sweet little gold

I did a workshop at Zahia

light fragments

... a few fragments of yesterday ...

... and their leftovers

pranilla cards


little-a cards... I'm waiting for the stamp with my lable

the leftovers make bleautiful clouds

paper goods by little-a

hello lovers,

these are the paper goods for the wedding of my cousin
earlier I posted the rings I made for them, 

here you can see:

 the invitations

the menu
and I can say, it was delicious

the special gifts for guests. 
these were sweet little bags with candy with their names
very lovely, and very tasty

this is a little book with poems, songs, ... for the wedding ceremony 

It was a very lovely day

something old, something new

it is something old
but for me it's something new
it's not borrowed
but it is blue


me with my new porcelain ring 

after the creative part, the pieces needed just a final touch
this is the first ring


a girl and her shoes

no more to say

☁ ☁ ☁

☁ Hi there ☁
this morning I went to the flea market again.
It became a weekly tradition.

I bought a lot of stuff,
but there are my favorites!!
lots of lace, buttons, yarn
I'm going to make something special with it for the little-a collection
and don't forget, 28 august the first sell and give away ♥
click here for the details

little alley

the city where I live, 
there are many little alleys, 
it's so lovely here, so rustic

a new treasure

I bought this today in the essentiel store in Ghent
I was in love with the color of the stone,
but also the little details on the neckless.

but actualy I fell in love with the sweet pochette 
the fragile fabric, the soft colors and the embroidery 

cookie love

where lace meets porcelain, the sequel

Here they are,
all my porcelain treasures

I know it's not zo visible, but that's because of the picture.
there are a few words on these ones.
they are ment to be brooches
on the first one is written: don't forget me
and on the second: oh hello there

on the right-hand: a brooche with real lace
on the left hand: this one is for a ring, with an imprint of the same lace

these are 'pearls' also with lace or the imprint of it

these are my favorites ♥♥♥
R: for a ring
L: for a brooch
both with old pictures of my family
(left is my grandmom when she was little)