something new

i bought this book at ikea.
it's a pretty book with lovely pictures.

I can't stop looking in it. I just love it!!


some new treasures

I bought these cute tapes at a little store in Paris.
it came with this nice box.

I also bought these notebooks at 'merci' 
the most lovely store in paris!!
lots of paper goods, tapes, furniture, jewellery, ...
the most original things you can even imagine!!

give away ♥

hello lovers, 

yeah, I'm also doing a great give away
when I reach a 100 fans on facebook,
 you can sign up for a lovely little-a surprise box
just click here and like it 


du thé et du café

today I took some 'me-time'
first thing I did was 'le petit déjeuner' at starbucks 

I walked around in the streets of Paris. 
and I enjoyed the atmosphere

I found a cute little tea house!
they served very special tea, home made cake, cookies, ...
you can also buy wool. very strange, but very special. 
when I have time, I'll drink my tea there again.


mes pieds a paris

mes pieds et les fleures de paris

mes pieds à monmartre ♥

mes pieds et un café

mes pieds, la dernière journée

mes pieds en retour


sweet home

a part of my new home ♥